Foods that keep uncomfortable bloating in check

From drinks to any food, several eating and drinking items can make you feel bloated.

If you’ve suffered discomfort caused due to bloating after eating certain food items or having something to drink, you are not alone. For the unversed, bloating is a common stomach problem, and its main symptom is that the belly tends to be swollen or enlarged after eating. It not only makes you feel uncomfortable, gassy and tired, but it can also hamper our day to day activities as well. Mainly abdominal bloating can be caused by food allergies to indigestion, so you need to include the right kind of foods in your daily diet in order to avoid it.

So in case, your stomach has ever felt more like a balloon of gas without carrying our improper digestive functions, try these foods that can help you avoid bloating completely. As we say, eating right is the key to how your body will react. So while some foods can trigger bloating, others can make you release it. Find out these 7 anti-bloating foods to help you get rid of all your stomach issues:

Cucumber: As we all know, cucumber has high water content, and hence, it is the perfect veggie to add to your healthy diet. It not only helps clear the passage of the food but also easily digests ingredients that otherwise can cause constipation, gas and bloat.

Avocados: Rich in potassium that helps in preventing water retention by regulating sodium levels in your body, avocado is one of the great additions in your diet to reduce that salt-induced bloating.

Pineapple: This tropical fruit is filled with bromelain enzyme that helps in digestion of fats and proteins. Since pineapple is low in sodium and loaded with potassium, its intake helps in reducing bloating.

Yoghurt:  It is a known fact that yoghurt contains probiotics that help improve digestive health. High in potassium, which is a micronutrient that helps fight bloating, yoghurt intake is a must.

Bananas: It is one of the healthiest foods around and is also packed with potassium and soluble fibre. It helps flush out excess sodium and reduce inflammation in the stomach by relieving constipation, which in turn gets rid of stomach bloating.

Asparagus: Another anti-bloating superfood, it helps flush all the excess water from your stomach, thus giving you a relief from stomach discomfort.

So next time you feel your stomach all swelled up, try these superfoods and stay healthy!

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