Foods to avoid when you have chest congestion

Having a cold is probably one of the worst feelings one can feel

A sore throat or chest congestion can be painful, especially when trying to food

You surely know that soups and other hot beverages help, but do you know which foods to avoid?

Let us tell you a bit about that…

Chest congestions can be common during season changes and especially during the winter. While going to a doctor and having medicines for the same is what helps cure the infection faster, one should also know what kind of diet to follow. When it comes to chest infections, there are several foods that one should avoid to not further increase the infection. So here we list some of those foods for you which you should stay away from if you’re suffering from congestion…


Many don’t know this, but sugar is extremely harmful when it comes to people suffering from chest congestion. While you may crave a sugary hot tea, refrain from having the same. When the body is fighting viral infections, increased sugar intake can suppress the immune system. Even when fighting a common cold, you should not intake sugar in any food to recover faster.


Another food item that is commonly considered to be good during cold is milk. However, doctors actually say milk intake during viral infection in the body can do more harm than good. This is because milk and milk products create more phlegm, which increases congestion. Thus it is best to stay away from milk as much as possible when you are suffering from a cold and cough.

Spicy food

There is no doubt that spicy food is a big no-no when it comes to food intake during viral infections. While popular belief is to drink a spicy broth or spicy soup, it is definitely not what health care people suggest. It may provide you with instant relief, but it will surely delay the process of getting better or fighting the virus in your body!

Salty food

Just as we suggested you stay away from sugar during congestion, keeping salty food at bay is also necessary. Doctors say that Sodium causes fluid retention, which can lead to shortness of breath for people who are already having congestion. We obviously would not ask you to not put salt in your food at all, but don’t make your food too salty just to feel some taste!

Riya Banerjee

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