Fool the Eye - 5 tricks to make a smaller room look bigger

Small spaces come with their charm and challenges. We have listed 5 simple hacks that will have your room appear bigger.

Living in studio apartments, or student accommodation or even a one-room house in a metro city, you all are aware of the space crunch. No matter how much you love doing your house, you would always want it to look bigger. Fitting in everything in a small space is very difficult and challenging. But hey, there are surprisingly plenty of ways that will not only make your space look bigger but also give it a super cosy and uber-chic look. Apply these clever tricks that we have listed below, and we bet you will forget your room looked small ever.

  1. Clever contrast - Choose the right colour
For smaller rooms, make sure you choose either a very light tone or a deep dark colour. Using bright whites or plain dark colours will add warmth and contrast, which will create an illusion of a larger space. Choosing a medium shade is a BIG NO for small spaces.
  1. Ditch the heavy, long curtains and rugs
Curtains and drapes often block the visual space. It just makes the room smaller and dramatic. To give your room a bigger room, try ditching the curtains for once. Switch to thin, mesh or cloth blinds for privacy concerns. Trick the eyes. Stick to airy and light fabric. Eliminating curtains would create more space. Keep it minimal.
  1. Declutter
Too much clutter will just overpower the room and will make it look smaller. Stick to the dictum “Less is more”. Get rid of all the unnecessary items, including, flowers, artificial plants, small table accessories, paintings, furniture. Too many things together will only give your room a cramped look. Keeping it simple and tidy with fewer clutters will provide more space to your room, and it will automatically appear bigger than it is.
  1. The Mirror View
Mirrors and small spaces go hand in hand as it creates an openness in a smaller space. Just like they reflect light, they also reflect the view which further tricks your eyes into perceiving more space. You can place it near the window, in the living room or near your table. You can also use some mirrored furniture like cabinets etc. for better results. Do not skip keeping a mirror; it will do wonders to your room.
  1. Tall Furniture
Always go for furniture that is above the floor. High rise. Where you can see the legs, unlike the ones that rest directly on the floor. This will make your space look bigger. This will shift the focus of the furniture upwards, thus creating an illusion of a bigger room.

While scale, light and colour are the main tricks behind making a space look bigger. You must keep in mind the following:

  • Consider adding at least one wall or floor with stripes.
  • Try matching the colour of your furniture with the colour of the wall. It should be well coordinated.
  • Always add a lighting element to the decor.
  • Try buying multi-functional furniture. Anything that can be wheeled, stacked or folded.
While there are plenty of other tricks to give an expansive look to your small space, these are the tricks that will always fool the eye into seeing a smaller space look bigger!

Get ready to give life to your tiny pad!