Foolproof Ways to Provide a Long Life to Your Electronic Gadgets

Worried about your expensive electronics malfunctioning way before its lifetime? Here are simple tips to follow that will ensure its durability and keep you from spending money on repairing them.

Electronics, in this generation, are a necessary evil. We cannot possibly live without gadgets, even when they cost us a considerable bulk of money. The pricy tech that gets upgraded every few couples of years, it’s tricky keeping up with them, especially if they do not live their warranty life! Here are a few things you can practice that will help you stretch their lifetime and keep you from pinching your pocket!

  1. Charge The Batteries Strategically-

A common mistake we all do is wait till the battery is completely dry to set it up on charge again. Almost every gadget we use runs on electricity stored up in its battery, and if we break it down to technical terms, nickel-based batteries run perfectly fine from 0 to 100 but now with the lithium-ion batteries, they reduce the lifetime of the gadget by not being able to retain the resource. As your device gets older, avoid waiting till a perfect 0 to put it on charging.

  1. Use Appropriate Chargers Only-

You must have noticed the pin of your charger is the same for a lot of devices and sometimes we get too worked up to change the charger accordingly. But what harms the device is the voltage and amperage which is differently set for every gadget. If not used accurately the device may slow down and its internal wiring may heat up and cause you to spend a fortune in repairing it.

  1. Avoid Extreme Climate Exposure-

Almost every tech gear we use today is engineered to withstand moderate weather conditions. But with recent research, it was seen gadgets fail to work accurately in freezing and high temperature. With higher than average temperature, hard drives have been seen to get damaged faster. The risk of battery chemicals getting affected is high on many devices due to the rising weather. There can be chances of premature battery drain, disability in touch technology and damage in built-in condensation.

  1. Keep The Gadgets Clean And Dry-

Even though some electronics are being developed to withstand water splashes, it’s a good idea to keep them clear off the reach of any liquid spilling. The open vents can devise water and dust entering the circuits’ and create permanent damage to the device and your data.

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