Football Players With Highest Jersey Sales

The sales of jerseys not only generate revenues for the clubs, jersey sponsors and the players but also show which player has the biggest fan base

Football has created legendary players since its inception. Pele, Maradona, Messi, Baggio and Ronaldo are some players who have enormous fan bases because of their impeccable gameplay. Such legendary players possess a huge fan following who support and cheer for them in every game. To show their support, the fans often purchase merchandise related to the players. From coffee mugs to pillow covers, fans purchase such items with pride. However, for fans, there is no other merchandise as important as the jersey. Football fans love wearing the jerseys of Messi, Ronaldo, Wayne Rooney, Beckham and so on. Flaunting the jerseys of these players is a tradition in the world of football.

Not to forget, the jerseys play a crucial role for generating revenues. After all, a huge amount of money is earned by the clubs, jersey sponsors and the players from the sales of jerseys. In this feature, we have listed some players with huge jersey sales.

Lionel Messi- Months ago, when Lionel Messi made his move to Paris Saint-Germain, the world went berserk. Fans around the world could not believe the move, but diehard fans purchased the ‘Messi 30’ PSG jerseys. Although the official numbers are not confirmed, as per several news media outlets, 1,50,000 jerseys were sold in seven minutes. On Twitter, several claimed that around 2,50,000 jerseys were sold. Spanish media house Marca claimed that 8,30,000 jerseys were sold in 12 hours. The numbers are not confirmed, but they are certainly astronomical.

Cristiano Ronaldo- Lionel Messi made a move to PSG and made headlines. Therefore, Cristiano Ronaldo also had to grab headlines and to do that, the Portuguese player made a move back to his old club, Manchester United. The day Ronaldo’s signing was confirmed, fans purchased the number 7 jersey and in no time, Ronaldo’s jersey became the fastest-selling football jersey in the history of the Premier League. Although the numbers are not confirmed, as per many sources, 45 million dollars were earned in 12 hours from the sales of Ronaldo’s jerseys. Last but not least, as per data shared by lovethesales website, 181.7 million euros were earned from Ronaldo’s jerseys whereas Messi’s jerseys earned 103 million euros.

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