For my daughter: Some life lessons from a mother to her daughter

Don’t wait for someone to bring you glass slippers, instead shatter the glass ceilings, all by yourself!

For a mother, her child is the most important thing in the world. And daughters are extra special. Mothers have such a precious bond with their daughters, and you want to save them from the cruel big world out there. But you have to remember; you won’t always be there to protect your princess. Someday she has to grow out of your lap and face the world on her own. As a mother, the best you can do is to prepare her for when that happens and help her become a strong individual. Here are a few life lessons from a mother to her daughter.

 Be independent, always!

Be your own person, be independent, have a life more than being someone’s daughter, sister, wife or mother. By independence, I don’t mean to have a source of livelihood (although they are very important), but be independent and free to express your thoughts, independent to take your own decisions. Be independent and vocal enough to have a mind and opinion of your own.

Know your worth.

You are more than what you believe. Know your worth, don’t settle for less. You don’t need anyone’s affirmation; you are more than your face, your physique. You are your own unique and special person. Cherish yourself.

Learn to say no.

Never be hesitant to say “No”! Be confident and say no when you feel something is wrong. Say no to bullying, say no to abusive relationships, say no to a friend if you feel they are treading to the wrong part. Be vigilant, make people and yourself respect your boundaries.

Don’t settle for less.

Never settle for mediocre or anything less. In the past, women were often told to make adjustments, be accommodating. But not you, my child! Find your dreams, chase them, scratch and claw and work hard to achieve them. Fight it out, struggle it out but don’t settle for less.

Be strong yet be kind.

Even when I teach you to be strong and a person of your own, I want to be humble and kind. Because being kind also requires strength, the strength of character. Never look down on people, treat everyone, may it be person or animal with love and respect!

And lastly, always remember, I love you! And I will always be there for you when you need me. Because you still are my little one, my lovely daughter!

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