Published By: Sanjukta

For the love of aim: Aiming tips in Valorant

Aim so good your opponent cowers in fear

In this fast-paced tactical shooter, mastering the art of aiming can mean the difference between a clutch play and a swift defeat. Whether you're new to the game or a seasoned player, getting better at aiming is super important. With some helpful tips and tricks, you can improve your aim and have more fun playing.

Steady your aim

Unlike other shooters, Valorant rewards patience and precision. Avoid sprinting around corners or firing from the hip, as these actions result in erratic shots. Take your time, plant your feet, and aim for the head to secure swift eliminations.

Find your sensitivity

Experiment with different sensitivity settings to find what works best for you. Valorant favors lower sensitivities, allowing for smoother and more precise movements. Adjust your DPI and sensitivity to achieve optimal control over your aim.

Aim trainers are you best friend

If you're new to PC gaming or struggling with aiming, consider using aim training software. Apps like Aimlab or Kovaaks offer customizable training sessions to improve your aim. These programs offer various exercises to improve tracking, flick shots, and overall accuracy. Invest time in these tools to sharpen your skills and enhance your performance in Valorant.

Warmup and practice strafing in deathmatches

Learn how to strafe effectively to make yourself a harder target to hit. Counter strafing allows for quicker stops and sprays, giving you an advantage in gunfights. With consistent practice, you'll become more adept at maneuvering while maintaining accuracy. Spend time in the practice range or utilize deathmatch mode to warm up your aim before jumping into a game. Practicing strafing, specific skills and weapons in a controlled environment prepares you for the challenges ahead.

Invest in quality equipment and review your gameplay

Having the right gaming gear can make a significant difference in your performance. Choose a mouse and keyboard that suit your playstyle and comfort preferences. Smooth gameplay and responsive controls contribute to better aim and overall gameplay experience. Also, recording your matches and analyzing your performance helps in knowing what areas to improve on. Use footage to pinpoint weaknesses and develop better decision-making skills.

Learn crosshair placement

Good reflexes mean nothing if your crosshair isn’t in the correct position at the right time. A player who takes slightly longer to execute a precise headshot is almost always at an advantage against a player with faster reaction time who misses most of their shots. Every angle is different – players need to understand crosshair positioning for vertical and close angles. In addition, good crosshair placement can counter a variety of swings, such as wide swings vs. close swings. For some targets, such as a mid-satchel Raze or a jumping Neon, tracking is necessary to counter strafes.

Understand the Strengths of Your Gun

In VALORANT, all guns are varied in terms of distance, amount of recoil and firing rate. Understanding when and how to use each gun can help maximize your aim in-game. A gun like the Guardian, which has a slow fire rate but high accuracy and range, may require a player to be more precise and minimize their movement before firing. A Spectre, however, has relatively low recoil, a high firing rate, and decent mid-range accuracy. Players using the Spectre should always aim for a headshot, but they can afford to take closer-range duels since it maximizes the strength of their gun. You should also take note of the guns your enemy is using– for example, pushing a player holding a Bucky with a Ghost would be a big mistake.

Know when to aim down

While aiming down sights increases accuracy, it also reduces your fire rate. This approach is best suited for long-range engagements. However, in close-quarters combat where a single shot can make all the difference, keeping yourself unscoped provides a wider field of view and a faster fire rate, especially when facing more than just a Sage around the corner.