For the love of horror: Some reasons why we love being scared

No matter whom much it scares you, but adrenaline rush a good fright causes you is unparalleled.

It’s Friday night, and you are scrolling through film titles. Suddenly your search stops at a horror movie, which is spine chilling or, as the reviews say. So, what is it about horror movies that draw the audiences? The pounding heart, cold sweat and chill in the spine are not considered a very pleasurable experience. But we don’t mind them while watching a horror movie or series. Now, to understand this concept better, we must understand what we mean when we say the word “fear”. In psychological terms, fear is the feeling where a mind feels threatened or perceives danger. But till now, whatever we have known, nothing about fear implies fun, relaxation and pleasure. So, why this contradiction? Let’s find out.

The Safe haven

Psychologists put forward a very interesting hypothesis regarding this contradiction. While watching a horror movie or visiting the haunted castle in an amusement park does put your body in freeze or flight mode. But remember, our brain is master in sensing things, so soon, it realizes that it is recreational rather than the actual danger. After sensing that we are in a safe haven, the brain commands our nerves to calm down and that they are “safe”. So, now we start enjoying fear as our senses and mind knows that we are safe.

The heightened senses

The adrenaline rush and the release of endorphins while watching a horror movie creates a sense of euphoria. The feeling of the safe haven, coupled with these heightened senses, makes the experience quite enjoyable.

Satisfies the feeling of adventure

Even though it sounds weird, but the feeling of adventure and pushing yourself over the edge can give us a thrill. When you are able to handle the feeling of anxiety and fear successfully, it gives you a feeling of self-satisfaction which makes the experience not only enjoyable and memorable too. For example, a child will feel a sense of triumph if they survive the whole horror movie without running away.

Horror sometimes brings us closer

It may sound very clichéd, but young men are commonly advised to take their date to a horror movie. The trick is as soon as their date feels fear and danger; the boy can provide comfort and protection. And that is how it would help bring two hearts closer.

So, what do you think? Do you like being “scared”.

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