Published By: Satavisha

Forbid Clutter From Taking Over Your House: Six Commandments To Nip The Clutter Problem In The Bud

Clutter can add stress to your life, but you can eliminate it anytime you like!

Do you want a home that is clutter-free? We all do. You can get a clutter-free space with the right attitude, good habits, some tools, and just a little elbow grease. Free up your space by eliminating unwanted stuff that you don’t need anymore. All you have to do is commit to some of these basic principles to prevent clutter before it can invade your home and capture space.

Be mindful when purchasing new items.

It is essential to train yourself to keep your space tidy, and this step begins with forbidding oneself from holding on to things that are not needed anymore. Be honest with yourself about what items you really need, and also take a closer look at your spending habits.

Develop the habit of discarding unwanted things.

After finding a storage space for all the necessary items, remember to discard things you will never use again. Once you make up your mind to put away all the things you don’t need anymore, you can keep the clutter problem at bay.

Go for smaller keepsakes.

A clutter-free space does not have to be devoid of comfort and decorations. The key to keeping—and wanting to add new stuff involves purchasing items that are either small (like a souvenir ornament and not a souvenir cabinet) or something useful (like a fuzzy blanket and not a cuddly stuffed toy). Think small and shop mindfully.

Purchase what you need.

If you are shopping for housewares, purchase them for the number of people you serve every day and not for occasionally hosting fancy dinner parties. You can eliminate clutter when you start shopping for your real needs. If you regularly serve food to many guests or party every weekend, you can still enjoy a minimalist home or a clutter-free space if you are clear about what items you need and what things are for show only.

Develop regular cleaning rituals.

Every night, try to tidy up the most used areas of your home to add structure to the cleaning ritual. You can fluff all the cushions on the couch and fold the blankets before going to bed. You may think it is silly to reset areas that will be used the following day, but this hack will help you stay away from clutter. When you wake up in the morning, tidy up the spaces you didn’t clean the night before to avoid over-piling clutter and chores.

Make room for a ‘clutter zone.’

There is no need to banish every miscellaneous thing you own. You can simply store these items in an organized closet drawer—designated to junk only—or pick a small area and make it your ‘clutter zone’.

No home is perfect, but you can always drop your poor habits and reward yourself with a clutter-free space by following these tips.