Published By: Riya Banerjee

Foreign language short films to binge on this weekend

If you are a film junkie, then watching short films must also entertain you! In fact, currently short films are all the craze on OTT platforms

Films are always one of the best forms of entertainment. Be it feature length films or short films, people have for ages loved going to theatres and having a great time with some popcorn in their hand. With OTT platforms becoming a huge craze right now, creators are also coming up with newer ways of showcasing films. Some make short length ones into an anthology, some go for small docu-fictions and much more! Well, if you too want to explore the short film genre more, here we will tell you about some of the best foreign language short films from around the world that you should put on your watch-list right now…

Judith Hotel

The French have been known for their desserts and films! Well, this French short film is one that you cannot skip out on. Directed by Charlotte Le Bon, this film revolves around an insomniac who reaches Judith Hotel in order to get some much desired sleep. It might seem like a weird concept to make a film on but trust us, you will be glued to it till the end!

Mogu & Perol

Another country that is remarkable when it comes to making a mark in the film industry is Japan! While there are several Japanese short films to choose from for this list, Mogu & Perol definitely takes the cake away. It is a story about two friends living on Yummy Island but when you look at the depth of the film, you will understand how the director wanted to showcase the power of sharing and of course food.


If you want to watch good quality animations then go for this Korean short film. It may look like simple black and white animation but it is actually hand-drawn and simply a masterpiece! This film may be a little heart wrenching to watch but the experience will be so worth it!

Gaze (Negah)

If you have watched Iranian films, you will know they are great content creators. This short film has an extremely powerful subject and has been showcased in several film festivals! It was even the winner of the Grand Jury Award at the AFI Fest.