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Forget Stress: The Most Relaxing Spa Treatments You Should Try

Nothing like a good old spa to make your body and mind relax!

It is a fast paced world and most people could hardly afford to make time for themselves. You are either out on business travels or slouching behind a desk with your eyes on the computer screens. This obviously takes a huge toll on the body and the mind. A spa treatment once in a while could take that stress away and make you feel as good as new. The hustle is real but you could also take some time off to pamper your body. Here are a few spa treatments that would take your stress away and make you ready for yet another day’s battle!

The Turkish Massage For Some Heat Therapy

You know how taking a hot shower after a stressful day can be immensely relaxing? The Turkish massage would do exactly that, only you don’t have to do anything by yourself except relax. The Turkish spa treatment uses heat therapy to make your body and muscles relax. Unlike most spa treatments, you don’t need a massage table for this. Instead, you will be asked to lie down on a flat stone surface, while the professionals use hot water to gently sponge your body. Doing this relaxes the muscles. This step is then followed by a usual soaping and scrubbing of the body and then finished with a relaxing oil massage. For those looking to detoxify, this spa treatment is ideal!

Hot Stones Massage To Get Rid Of The Tension Points

The hot stones massage is not new to the world. You may have seen it in most spas. The hot stones massage is one of the best ways to get rid of the rigidity and tension in your muscles especially if you have been feeling stiff. The hot stones are placed on your muscle tension points and the heat from it penetrates your skin deeper than any other spa treatment. This spa treatment helps in improving the blood circulation and is super relaxing for those who have been feeling a stiffness in their muscles.

Infrared Sauna For The Back, Shoulders And Neck

The infrared sauna is not like your regular sauna bath. In this spa treatment, infrared heaters are used that emit infrared light directed at targeted body parts –the neck, back and shoulders. It is good to release muscle tension and improve blood circulation.

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