Four Asian Superheroes Unveiled By Marvel And What Are Their Superpowers

Meet the Warriors of the Sky, a team of original Marvel superheroes, featuring in the popular mobile game MARVEL Future Fight, hailing from four Southeast Asian countries.

That’s right, folks. Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, and Taiwan finally have their own superheroes. While previously only the Indonesia and Philippines had Komodo and Wave as their own, Marvel in 2019 decided to introduce more representation from other nations for their popular mobile game, MARVEL Future Fight. All four characters come from the four corners of Southeast Asia: The north, south, east, and west. Here’s a quick introduction to each one of them and their super abilities.

War Tiger (Thailand)

Hailing from the west (Thailand), the massive and immensely powerful War Tiger slices through evil with his lethal sword made of mystical Tiger’s Fang. This ancient Thai general ensures the success of his fellow Warriors of the Sky with his hardened combat experience.

Blue Dragon (Vietnam)

Meet the Blue Dragon, defending the East (Vietnam). This superhero might look nimble but do not get fooled by her looks. Blue Dragon has the power to transform anything she touches into a draconic weapon. With her heirloom spear, and whip in hand, this child of a Vietnamese noble family leads the Warriors of the Sky with her protective spirit and wise judgment through any challenge they may encounter.

Sun Bird (Malaysia)

Soaring into battle as guardian of the South, the searing Sun Bird provides healing support for the Warriors of the Sky. With agile charm, this Malaysian pirate from the 1600s reborn by the power of his twin krises seeks to make the most of his new life by supporting the world however possible. In short, Sun Bird, who hails from the South, not only heals but inflicts massive pain on his opponents.

Shadow Shell (Taiwan)

Strategizing in the North, Shadow Shell disables enemies from afar and defends her teammates with her highly advanced rifle and Ba Gua energy shield. When Shadow Shell’s adopted family in Taiwan attempted to poison her, the extremely intelligent tactician gained her unseen powers of toxic immunity and now provides battle strategies for the Warriors of the Sky.

So, which Asian superhero is your favorite?

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