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Four aspects of our lives making us a social being

What makes us a social being?

Is it only what we produce, and earn? Is it what we buy? What is it? Here. Let’s discuss about these four aspects that make us the social beings called humans.

Although our roles in the production relation is one of the major factors in informing about what kind of social being each of us emerges as, but there are more to what makes us social beings. Our social practices matter majorly on different aspects of how we take part in the production process; what we do, how we get paid and what becomes of our contribution. But that’s not it, our relation to the social and economic class we belong to and how we take part in the intricate dynamics of that also matters majorly, same as what kind of political and moral code do we follow. What else? Our scientific and artistic pursuits also impact the process of our makings of social beings.

First – Where do we stand in terms of our class?

The social and the economic class that we belong to sets the parameters for us, in those particular terms we create and produce. And our identity is majorly shaped by our experience of each of our classes and the specifics entangled with that. Someone from a marginalised socio-political class will be a different breed of a social being than that of a mainstream socio-political class.

Second – Our unique socio-political understanding!

Our experience of our own unique socio-political surroundings will create the bedrock upon which our creative endeavors will be built on. These socio-political factors majorly affect the kind of social being we are going to become.

Third – Our scientific pursuits in becoming of a social being!

Human beings are driven by logic and scientific discovery, right from the invention of fire, the oiled wheel of discoveries has been running the vehicle of science, inspiring us all followers of sciences to unimaginable achievements. Our understanding and investment in scientific discoveries from our construct of a social being, dictating us our scientific inclinations in any given situation.

Fourth – Artistic endeavors that shape our societies and us as social beings!

Same as scientific discoveries, artistic explorations also shape us as they human beings we are and impact our understanding, shaping us into the artistic beings that we are in the society.

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