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Four forms of sustainable fashion

Modern lives are based on consumption, be it fashion, food, or fetishes.

But there comes a time when the climate starts taking a toll, and that’s where we are.  Our fast lifestyles have landed us in a climate fiasco, and the clock keeps on ticking.  In a dire situation like this, climate crisis deniers are happy in their fast-fashion mecca.  But what about sustainability?  What chances do we have, as a society, to survive this crisis if we don’t become aware and change ourselves to do our bits for the environment?

Sustainability in fashion is not a new concept.  All the clothing brands have gotten a piece of the sustainability pie already.  Brands have come up with their sustainable fashion products, and some have even come up with a whole line of clothes to capture the eco-friendly fashion market.  But there are simpler ways to take.  If we really want to try out sustainable fashion, here are a few tips that all of us can try.

Rent and Swap:

It’s a tradition as age-old as this have always existed in the idea of community living.  Even in a profit-oriented market, there are options for us to rent designer brand clothes and apparel, but not many of us know that a system like that exists even when it comes to fashionable clothes and beautiful dresses.


Throwing away anything adds to the layering up of oceans.  We have to make the optimum use of everything that we have.  So when it comes to clothes, we cannot simply discard them because of a silly torn.  We have to repair and recycle and, at times, upcycle.

Wearing Vintage:

Another cool way to flaunt a style as unique as each of us is to get vintage clothes or clothes that are pre-owned.  You never run the risk of wearing the same clothes as anyone else in the room.


Making your own custom-made dresses will have multiple benefits; it helps us choose our fabrics more carefully, choose a sustainable process to make it and pay the person making our dress the fair wages; this helps us rid ourselves of our guilt and yet look the best.

When it comes to fashion, the world pushes us to choose consumption, but we don’t have to.  We can look cool and have a clear conscience at the same time saving ourselves from contributing to the destruction of the planet.  Let’s give sustainability a try when it comes to fashion.

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