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Four Greatest Motocross Racers of all Time

Motocross racing is a famous motorsport that has witnessed some of the finest riders of all time

Motocross racing is a splendid sport which requires racers to ride off-road motorcycles on an off-road closed circuit. The competition is not recognized as one of the fastest motorsports on earth, but is favoured for the stunts and handling of the motorcycles through muddy circuits. The sport evolved in the United Kingdom and later on turned into a prominent sport in the world. The sport has observed thousands of racers over the years. Therefore, it is tough to zero-in on the leading four racers.

In this article, we have listed the leading four motocross racers of all time based on their championships, triumphs and podium finishes.

Stefan Everts

Retired in 2006, Stefan Everts from Belgium is the boy of a famous motocross racer, Harry Everts. Racing was in his blood and Stefan proved so by winning 10 championships during his racing career along with 101 GP wins. After almost losing his life to malaria infection, Stefan came back harder to tutor his son Liam, who also seems to have the charisma of his father and grandfather.

Tony Cairoli

At 35 years of age, the rider from Italy is still active and is a solid challenger in the motocross racing world. After making his debut in 2002, Antonio Tony Cairoli has won 91 Grand Prix, 9 World Championship along with a winning record of 178 wins. Tony has a better record than Everts, but a difference of one lesser championship pushes him to second position on our list.

Ricky Carmichael

Ricky Carmichael is not just a motocross racer, but also a car racer. In both the sectors, he has accomplished several records which earn him the third spot in this list. From winning the ‘Rookie of the Year’ award to winning 15 Championships (10 MX, 5 SX) along with 150 victories makes him a legend of the sport. Another astonishing record Ricky held was a long winning streak in the MX Championship from 1997 to 2006.

Joel Robert

Another Belgium racer on this list is Joel Robert, who was the King of motocross racing in the 70s. Joel had created a total win of 50 Grand Prix, which lived as a record for 30 years until Stefan Everts broke it in 2004. Joel was recognized as a natural racer as he rarely trained physically, which is treated as an important aspect in motocross racing. During his career, he won the 250cc championship five times in a row and subsequently won another to reach a total win of six.

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