Four gripping Carlos Ruiz Zafòn’s books you must read.

“Every book, you see has a soul. The soul of those who wrote it, and those who read, lived and dreamed of it”.

Carlos Ruiz Zafòn was world-renowned, award winner Spanish writer is best known for his best-seller “The Shadow of the Wind”. He is regarded as the finest author from Spain after the legendary Spanish writer Miguel de Cervantes. His works are known for the touch of suspense, goth and mystery, making readers bewildered. His stories have a touch of realism and fantasy that often gives it another worldly feel. Here are some of the gripping books from legendary Zafòn that you must read.

  1. The Shadow of the Wind

It is a captivating tale of young Daniel Sempere who finds solace in a book after the tragic death of his mother. The book which he found in Cemetery of forgotten books, captivates him so much, that he wants to read other works of the writer, Juliàn Carax. But someone is erasing all of Juliàn Carax’s work from the face of the earth. Who is he? Why is he doing it? Read the award-winning masterpiece by Zafòn to know more.

  1. The Prince of Mist

The very first and the novel that kicked him to fame was “The Prince of Mist”. It has the elements of classic goth novels and the hint of mystery that engulfs not just the story but the readers also. The story of Carver family and their son Max Carver, who during the 2nd world war flees to a house near the sea. The house is said to be haunted by the previous owner’s son.

  1. The Midnight Palace

The novel is set in colonial Calcutta; it is a story of newborn twins and someone who is after their life. After 16 years, the twins go on a journey to find answers in the heart of ruins known as the midnight palace.

  1. Marina

Most of Carlos Ruiz Zafòn’s book are series and Marina is his earliest and a stand-alone novel. Zafòn regarded it as one of his favourite and most personal work. The fascinating tale laced with the characteristic element of mystery and suspense as with most of Zafòn’s work. It is the story about Oscar and Marina and their youthful romance and a maverick inventor whose aim is to live an eternal life.

All of these works by Zafòn have etched a very special place in his reader’s heart. Though the world lost this talented writer in the year 2020, his soul will live forever in the amazing books he wrote.

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