Four Most Loved Sit-Coms of all Times

After a long tiring day, the best way to unwind is to treat yourself with some dose of laughter. Not only does it relax you, but it also adds some moments of laughter to an otherwise dull day. Next time if you cannot decide on which show to watch, it’s always better to stick to the good old comedy shows which have tickled our funny bones for the longest time and never grow old. We take a look at four of these sitcoms which have earned the gold standard in comedy.


The sitcom revolving around the lives of six friends, Friends manages to strike a chord with the viewers every time. The sitcom has enriched our cultural vocabulary with phrases like How you doin’?, Smelly Cat, Joey never shares food and so on. And the places shown like the café The Central Perk, their apartment in New York have been immortalized. The show makes us all chip for Chandler and Monica, cry over the break-up scenes of Ross and Rachel, laugh on the deadpan expressions of Joey and love the quirky expression of Pheobe. Over the years, Friends have inspired a lot of similar shows and started a trend of ‘Friends-like’ comedy.


Another classical show of the nineties, Seinfield is the story of an anxious stand-up comedian and his gang of equally dysfunctional friends. Over the years, the show too has gained a cult status among the fans. Despite numerous reruns of the show, Seinfield still is viewed as a timeless comedy forever etched in the minds of the viewers

How I Met Your Mother

The show started in 2005 and concluded in 2014 with a beautiful story about the journey of life. It is an optimistic view of life which could be reflected in the most poignant episodes. The lives of Ted, Robin, Marshal, Lily and the legendary suited man Barney keep us entertained with his one-liners. This show has a certain optimism to it which makes us believe that everything shall be alright at the end.

The Big Bang Theory

This show is about socially awkward scientists from Caltech, Pasadena who are brilliant in their jobs but are unaware of the world outside science, comic books and science fiction. The story revolves around their adventures when they befriend their neighbour Penny, who is worldly-wise but weak in science. The Big Bang Theory made Jim Parsons, who played Sheldon Cooper, a star for his portrayal of a genius nerd Physicist. The show has received both critical and commercial fame over the years and concluded after completing its twelve seasons in 2019.


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