Four Types of Once-In-A-lifetime Trips

A couple of impulsive trips when life feels stuck in a loop 

Tourism of varied types and embedded with inventive concepts have claimed to fame—be it adventure, eco, wildlife, culinary or wellness tourism Here is something different to indulge in. A first of its kind trip which you would want to reminisce about and savour for life.  

A Do-Nothing-At-All Trip to Calm the Nerves

Sneak out for a couple of days to bask in the pleasures of doing nothing. Here is the glorious opportunity to lead life laidback and nonchalant. For city dwellers who have been enslaved to the grind for years, this escape might come across as absurd, but with the practice of niksen time, your trip could be wholesome. At the end of this journey, you might be fuelled with productivity, innovation and a creative spree.

 A Road Trip for the Hustle 

Road trips are a blessing when you are looking for ways to break free from the carousel. You discover gems, throw away the mundaneness of coordinated city life and opt for a different lifestyle as you navigate. These trips are relatively pocket-friendly especially when you have a lengthy itinerary to tick off.

 A trip to Get Back to Your Roots

For many of us who live miles away from home for career or academia, this trip to foray into the origins and history could breathe in a whiff of fresh air. On this trip, you could opt for a maudlin reunion with extended family and friends and strike up intimate conversations rekindling memories and warmth. This reconnecting and revisiting aspect could be therapeutic especially when you are habituated to an old and frayed pattern of living and craving change.

If you were hoping to indulge in some novelty, what could be better than a trip that lets you arrange the missing pieces back into their place? 

A DIY Trip

The impromptu trips without a set itinerary could be strangely liberating. You hop onto activities without a care about the timing and hype—simply by going with the flow. DIY trips allow you to explore and hobnob at your pace to spice up your vacation.

Besides, if you have been feeling too restricted by the scheduled monotony, such a slow-paced and serene gateway is a blessing. You could be solo on this trip or with famjam / friends or even colleagues. To be on the safe side, strengthen your app game, consult with the locals and ensure network connectivity before going off the grid.

Puja Sinha

Coffee addict. Daydreamer. Hitchcock Fan. A post-grad in English Literature, Puja is a forever enthusiast of traversing long distances by rail. Her verticals of choice are entertainment, art & society. She can be found lazing in the garden when not fidgeting over deadlines.
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