Four Ways Beach Holidays Improve Your Health

Holidays are always brimming with amazing health impacts. However, beach holidays are more therapeutic and spiritual when it comes to healing our mind and body.

Many fun activities swarm the beaches we visit. From playing Frisbee, collecting seashells to hosting a bonfire party, we never run out of options! Besides the frolic and aesthetics, beach holidays are medicinal to our health. Take a look at five amazing health benefits of every beach holiday.

Therapeutic: Beach holidays make your mind tranquil as you slowly resurface from digital exhaustion. During pandemic, the effing burden of being plugged in has irked many of us triggering mental health issues. A few days off in the seclusion of sea as its waves crush on the shore restores positive energy within you. The beach air is rich in salt, magnesium and iodine, and it enhances your capacity to absorb oxygen. Revel in the sedative impact of sea beaches as they are the best stress buster.

Weight Loss: Bank on a beach holiday to shed off a few kgs. As you immerse in the fun activities or even sign up for professional beach yoga, the process of losing weight becomes a wee bit pleasant. Try out the typical beach sports like volleyball or soccer, or perhaps hop on early morning jogging sessions. Simplicity of beach activities is quite potential in helping you battle toxic diet and frenzied lifestyle that the usual weekdays bring.

Wealth of Vitamin D: A healthy dose of sunbathing allows us the goodness of Vitamin D. For strengthening bones, muscles and teeth besides building our immunity against certain bacteria and viruses, Vitamin D is a pre-requisite. If you are reeling under stress and chronic outbursts of anxiety, Vitamin D is an assuring remedy since it regulates blood pressure. Truly, the depressing blues of being cooped up in homes during the entire pandemic has lulled us into passivity. Well, trust the beach to recuperate!

Skin Rejuvenation: You read that right! Sea water exfoliates the skin doing some wonders to its texture, and this perhaps clarifies the origin of salt facial. Replete with the goodness of calcium and iodine, minerals and sulphate, seawater fights infections and severe skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis. If you are treating acne, clogged pores or premature ageing with gallons of cosmetic products, this holiday try the sea water as an antidote. Swimming or soaking in the sea for a while is highly meditative and induces mindfulness.

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