Frequent myths that stop us from beginning as an entrepreneur.

Today, the idea to set up a career in an independent work culture or entrepreneurship is increasing exponentially. 

What is the common thing that you learn from entrepreneurs? It has to be that starting a new business is similar to parenting a toddler because you need to be careful with every step. It requires confidence, courage and critical thinking ability to reach the customers. Most entrepreneurs believe that starting a business might be easy, but it only runs if luck favours.

Similarly, many such misconceptions in the market prevent others from starting as an entrepreneur. Let us have a look at those myths in the following list.

The entrepreneur is the other word for promoting distinct business ideas. In this world of over a thousand billion people, it is nearly impossible to find a unique business idea. Existing companies are working for expanding their business to reach global customers. Therefore, you must take advantage of these ideas and give them a twist to stand still in the competition.

Entrepreneurs need to wait for the right time before getting started. We might disagree, but somewhere we all wait for that “right time” before taking a big step, especially for career establishment. However, if you ask any self-made person, they will tell that there is nothing as such. So if you decide to take your big step, all you need is hard work and enthusiasm to conquer.

Entrepreneurs are the “know it all” kind of people. The true business person will tell you that they get to learn new tactics every day. Signing up for any career opportunities is similar to being constant on the learning curve. The ever-changing market will teach you different aspects of life and business. The constant learning will help you create, improvise and enjoy pushing the boundaries further.

Entrepreneurs are tech geniuses. The world is indeed getting digitally sound but starting a business is not necessarily intertwined with technology. You need to understand that not all ideas are technologically supported, yet they succeed. Therefore, drop this idea and focus on planning your business.

Entrepreneurs have a big bank balance. If you hear the interviews of famous entrepreneurs, most of them will tell you how they started from a small setup at their garage. You might need many things to start a business, but million dollars isn’t one of them. Capital is crucial, but it need not have to be from your pocket. You can always look around for firms and organisations for partnership and support.

These are some frequent myths that stop us from being an entrepreneur.

Orna Ghosh

Orna is an engineer from Northeast with a keen interest in creative writing. Mysterious facts and thriller stories creates a buzz in her. Living in the city but her heart always belong to the hills, after all Winter is Coming. Let's cosy up and grab a cup of Coffee with some new stories to read.
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