Published By: Jayati

Friendship on the fly: snag it with these social media apps!

Let's discover a world beyond Meta! 

In today's fast-paced digital world, having a thriving online presence seems like the norm, right? We're all effortlessly navigating technology and standing up for what we believe in. But, even with all those online connections, loneliness can still sneak up on us sometimes. It's like, no matter how many friends or followers we have, there are moments when we just feel alone! Thankfully, there are some lesser-known and new social media apps out there that feel like a breath of fresh air, bringing people together and forming tight-knit communities. It's like going from solo to squad with just a few taps on your phone screen! So, if you're itching for a chat buddy and want to shake off those lonely blues, why not give these apps a try?


ShareChat isn't your typical video platform; it's more like a lively community where you can express yourself, capture life's moments, and make new friends. Available in multiple Indian languages, ShareChat lets you join audio chat rooms, share photos and videos, and discover all sorts of social content. Whether you're into funny videos or catchy songs, ShareChat is a fun place for sharing and connecting with others.


Replika is your AI buddy, always there for a chat and some emotional support, 24/7. It learns from your conversations, aiming to keep you company and help ease any feelings of loneliness. You can chat, share experiences, and watch as your personal AI grows with you, adapting to your personality and interests. Replika provides a judgement-free space where many find solace, making it a supportive companion for anyone in need of a listening ear.


Eloelo is a buzzing social media platform integrating live group video and audio chatrooms, gaming, and messaging in one place. With dynamic chat rooms led by engaging hosts, it's perfect for making new friends in multiple Indian languages. Boasting over 70 million users and ranked #1 on the Google Play Store, Eloelo offers a welcoming environment where users can connect freely without fear of judgement, fostering a deep sense of belonging.


Badoo is all about real connections. With its smart tech, it makes sure you're chatting with genuine people, not fakes. It gives you the confidence to be yourself and seek real relationships. Whether you're up for a chat, a date, or something more serious, Badoo has your back. It's there to support you through all your ups and downs, helping you connect with others and ease any feelings of loneliness. So, dive in, have meaningful conversations, and meet people who are on the same page as you.


Think of Meetup as your personal matchmaker for your interests. Whether you're passionate about hiking, reading, networking, or learning new skills, Meetup brings people together who share your hobbies. With thousands of events happening worldwide, you can join in activities you love and meet like-minded individuals. Whether it's chatting online or meeting in person, Meetup events are all about turning common interests into meaningful friendships. It's the perfect solution for anyone looking to combat loneliness by finding their tribe, sharing experiences, and creating lasting connections. So, join Meetup and start exploring events near you or online!


This live streaming app from Japan is making a splash in the world of live video and audio streaming. Whether you're just sharing your hobbies or craving connection, Pococha is there for you. It's all about engaging with your audience in real time and building a community vibe. Pococha isn't just about streaming – it's about making real connections and friendships. And with its streaming-optimised camera, you can really show off your talents or just hang out with your followers.

Feeling lonely is such a personal thing. It's like trying to find the perfect diet or workout routine—what works for one person might not work for another. But when you finally find a friend, it's like hitting the jackpot! So, keep searching and don't lose hope. Remember, the struggle and the wait will be worth it in the end—trust us on that one!