Published By: Karishma Singh

Frieren’s Villains Are The Perfect Solution For One Of Anime’s Big Issues

As the anime industry is growing, we noticed that anime is leaning towards making villains more and more sympathetic and having emotions that are same as humans, for example: Nezuko, but on the contrary one of the recently introduced anime named, “Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End” presents something that is old yet refreshingly new approach to this problem for those who loves to see hard core villans in the show.

Spoiler Alert: This unveils spoilers from episode 7 of Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End. So, read if you are fine with getting spoilers ahead!

In the new immersing anime concluding episode of Frieren: Beyond Journey’s, they have gotten a smartest way to cope up with common anime’s problem of making villains too complicated by showing their emotions just like protagonists. Anime series oftenly try their best to showcase villains to be cool and nice guy, even when they have done something really gruesome in their past without feeling any sympathy. Still I would say it looks good in few anime, but in others it’s little over the board.

Anime and fiction stories nowadays are struggling to show things that are morally ambiguous but this brand new show, Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End had already tackled this problems with its super cool villains.

In the episode 7, the anime had portrayed the demon race as Ferocious monsters who have no where shown any feelings like humans, even though it’s quite fearsome it look realistic and that is what makes them greatest antagonist for the story and also helped to fix one of common problems seen in many types of stories in novel as well as in the anime.

Why Frieren’s Emotionless Demons Make Perfect Antagonists?

Frieren’s demons are one of greatest antagonist because they lack human emotions as already mentioned, not similar to the story’s that focus on feelings and connections.

The journey of Frieren’s villans is all about understanding and knowing the emotions, so these emotionless monsters are direct opposite of main plot of the anime and that is what makes them fitting and greatest antagonists by showing comments on how anime oftenly try hard to blur right and wrong in its main storyline.

So, what are your thoughts on this? Do you think this old-classic approach of villains to revive in the anime?