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From Chole Bhature To Litti Chokha: Famous Foods from Different States of India (Part I)

India is a diverse country and each state has their own variety of foods.

Food is a necessity for all creatures including humans to live and since the discovery of fire, human beings started cooking food as it enhances the taste of food. With passing time, every civilization has their unique foods. Each state in the country has their own native food and India is no exception. Let’s talk about the famous food items from different states of India.

Chole Bhature (Delhi)

Delhi offers a range of food items like Bread Pakoda, various types of chaats, momos.Chole Bhature probably is the most famous food of Delhi. 

When it comes to a variety of foods, especially street food, no city can beat Delhi. It’s probably the only city where you will find foods from various states with the typical Delhi touch. If someone asks you about Delhi food, chole bhature is the name that will come into your mind just like most of the people. It’s probably the most famous food item in Delhi which is not that costly and fills you for hours, that is why chole bhature is eaten mostly as breakfast.  Chole is prepared using chickpeas and some spices and water, while bhature is prepared

Tehri  (Uttar Pradesh)

In Uttar Pradesh tehri is a very important food item for almost all the households mostly because it tastes quite good and is easy to prepare.

Tehri is a quite famous rice dish and usually eaten during lunch or dinner. Rice, cauliflower, carrots, peas, seasonal vegetables and potatoes along with spices are the ingredients needed to prepare. It first originated in the area of Awadh and because it’s easy to prepare, it used to be food for soldiers when they are either traveling or are in a battle. From there it’s spread to all over Uttar Pradesh  and it’s served with raita or curd.

Kahwa (Kashmir)

Kahwa is the most popular beverage of Kashmir and  green tea leaves, nuts, spices, and saffron are used to prepare it.

If you visit Kashmir you should definitely try having Kahwa at least once as it’s the most famous beverage of Kashmir and you can find it at almost all households in Kashmir. You can grab a cup of hot Kahwa in tea stalls, restaurants and street tea shops also.  Green tea is the main ingredient while cardamom, cloves, cinnamon, and kesar are used to enhance its flavor. In comparison to normal tea and coffee, it is more flavored with a nice aroma and it’s sweeter also. Minutely ground almonds are also  used a few times to augment its aroma and flavor.

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