From Mussadilal to Jasoos Karamchand.Memorbale Roles Played By Pankaj Kapoor.

Veteran actor Pankaj Kapoor is indisputably one of the best actors in India. Extensively respected for his commitment to movies, the 66-year-old actor has time and again pleased the audience with his amazing performances. Here is the list of a few memorable roles played by Pankaj Kapoor.

Mussadi Lal in Office Office

Pankaj Kapur played the memorable character of Mussadi Lal in television’s classic sitcom- Office Office. 

Pankaj Kapoor played the character of Mussadi Lal with poker-faced sarcasm, while brilliantly showing us the corruption in government offices. Office Office gave the audience a reason to laugh along with demonstrating the problems of a common man. With every episode, Pankaj Kapoor gave fabulous performances while keeping a straight face.

Jahangir Khan alias Abbaji in Maqbool

Maqbool was the first movie in Vishal Bhardwaj’s Shakespeare Trilogy and featured A-class actors like Pankaj Kapoor, Late Irrfan Khan, and Tabu. 

This Vishal Bharadwaj directorial is inspired by Shakespeare’s Macbeth, set in the Mumbai underworld. Pankaj Kapoor essayed the role of Jahangir Khan and impressed the audience and critics alike with his great portrayal as the patriarch of the Mumbai underworld. Although Irrfan Khan played the titular role in the film, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that Pankaj Kapur was just wonderful and won the National Film Award for Best Supporting Role and the Filmfare Award for Best Actor (Critics).

Detective Karamchand in Karamchand 

Pankaj Kapoor started his Television career with the serial ‘Karamchand’ in which he played the role of the eccentric but intelligent detective and soon became quite popular for this role. 

Karamchand is lovingly remembered as India’s version of Sherlock. With this serial Pankaj gave the Indian television audience something unique they had never seen as Karamchand aids the police to solve cases in his peerless style, always munching on carrots and every so often playing chess with the police inspector.

Mohan Bharti in ZabaanSambhalke

ZabaanSambhalke is an Indian adaptation of the famous British sitcom Mind Your Language.

ZabaanSambhalke was a remake of the 1977 British sitcom, Mind Your Language featuring several known faces like VijuKhote, Shubha Khote, Tom Alter along with Pankaj Kapoor. Pankaj Kapur played the role of Mohan Bharti an engineer who is forced to take up English teaching as a job to sustain himself. The show was very famous when it was broadcasted in 1993.

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