Frozen Foods: Pros And Cons

Frozen foods come handy when one is pressed for time. But can they be relied upon for a prolonged usage?


Over the past decades, frozen foods have been increasingly gaining traction. There are broadly two types of frozen foods. One where the fresh ingredients are available in its frozen state. The other where a partially or precooked food item/dish is packed in a frozen state such that a simple reheating will provide the purported flavours of the item/dish. There are some obvious advantages of using them. For one, it shaves off many hassles. Are these frozen foods living up to the expectations? Let’s find out.



It may be interesting to note that frozen foods contain plenty of nutrients. Sometimes, even more nutrients can be found in frozen foods – especially if they are fruits and vegetables when compared with their fresh counterparts. Since these foods have to be shipped over quite long distances and maybe consumed over a longer period, they are fortified with extra nutrients.


But, in order to preserve them longer, these fruits and vegetables that will comprise frozen foods are harvested in an unripe state. That means they will have less beneficial substances than a fully ripened one. And overall, still, a majority of frozen foods will contain far fewer vitamins and other beneficial components compared to fresh foods.



Frozen foods may be pumped with unhealthy preservatives which can lead to serious health issues in some cases. One needs to be careful of the additives if one is using the frozen varieties, especially if it is seafood.


Taste and Texture

There is an obvious difference in the tastes and textures of the corresponding frozen and fresh foods. Sometimes, altered taste and texture are quite significant. The taste might be completely off, and texture might be dodgy.


Flexibility and Food Waste

Since the frozen food will have a more durable shelf life, we can utilize only the portions that may be needed unlike in fresh foods where one is under certain compulsion to use up the product within a stipulated time period.


This, the ephemeral criteria of fresh food, in itself, generates a lot of unwanted food wastes, as more end up as garbage than is actually consumed.


Limited Varieties

Frozen peas are a saviour. But there are not many frozen items and ingredients that can be had when needed, the quality of the flavour withstanding.


Are frozen foods for me?

If you are pressed for time to cook for yourself, or you simply don’t feel like cooking, then you can try them. You can try even to experience it from time to time. But exclusive reliance on it is not advisable.

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