Fun Basketball Trivia Questions and Answers

Basketball is a game talked about on a regular basis among friends. From office cubicle to bachelor parties, the rich history and popularity of basketball is discussed often. Hence, it is not just important to be a fan. Knowing the intricate details of the game is more essential.

In this article, we have compiled a list of trivia questions that will help you uplift your knowledge game. Who knows? It may also help you win some local quiz competition. Go ahead and give a read!

  1. Kobe Bryant’s name is inspired by food. What is it? Kobe Steak
  2. Klay Thompson was drafted by which team in 2011? Golden State Warriors
  3. Name two players who are known as the “Splash Brothers”- Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson
  4. The player is known as “The Mailman.” Who is he? Karl Malone
  5. In the 1999 playoffs, which player took the shot for New York Knicks to upset the Miami Heat? Allan Houston
  6. Chris Bosh joined Miami Heat in 2010 from which team? Toronto Raptors
  7. Kevin Durant appeared as himself in a children’s movie. What is the name of the movie? Thunderstruck
  8. The leprechaun in the logo of Celtic holds which object in its left hand? A Cane
  9. The first-ever head coach for Charlotte Bobcats was? Bernie Bickerstaff
  10. In 2006, Walt Frazier published a book. What was the name of it? The Game Within The Game
  11. In 2005, who was named as the Nike Baller of the Year? Manu Ginobili
  12. Knicks first rookie of the year was? Willis Reed
  13. Julius Erving starred in a 1979 basketball movie. What is the name of that movie? The Fish That Saved Pittsburgh
  14. The official mascot of Charlotte Hornet is known as? Hugo The Hornet
  15. The middle name of Michael Jordan’s middle name is? Jeffrey
  16. Wilt Chamberlain left 100,000 dollars in his will for which non-profit organization? Operation Smile
  17. For Sonics, which number jersey did Ray Allen wore? Number 34
  18. What is the nickname of player Dwayne Wade? Flash
  19. The highest score made by Michael Jordan? Sixty-nine
  20. Jonas Jerebko is from which country? Sweden
The tattoo on Shaquille O’Neal has on his biceps? A Superman