Fun Facts About The Beatles that You Didn’t Know

The Beatles blended rock and roll with British music and created a phenomenon in the history of music.

Four members and one band, The Beatles, became and is still the musical sensation in pop-culture. Created by John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr, the band is remembered through generations for merging British music with a rock and roll vibe giving the genre a twist with effects from electronics to the sitar. Here are some fun facts about the Fab Four that you probably didn’t know.

Their Debut Album Was Recorded in a Single Day

Nobody was more productive than The Beatles on February 11, 1963. That day the Fab Four recorded their first ever album, ‘Please Please Me’, including 10 songs all recorded in one single day. The 12 hour long session ended with recording the song, “Twist and Shout” with a hoarse voice of John Lennon, which was exactly what they needed for the number.

The Story Behind the Song, “Michelle”

So, here’s a fun story! “Michelle” was actually inspired by Paul McCartney’s technique at parties for picking up girls. As a teen, when McCartney would attend parties with Lennon, he would feel at odds. To boost his game, he began wearing black to parties, sat at a corner with the guitar and sang in fake French wondering if he could get dates. The Beatles, later, decided to turn this story into a song.

Eleanor Rigby Was Real

One of the most celebrated songs of Paul McCartney, “Eleanor Rigby” is about an old woman who dies alone with no one to mourn for her. McCartney had always said that he took the name Eleanor from actress Eleanor Bron and Rigby from a shop in England called ‘Rigby & Evens LTD, Wine & Spirit Shippers’. Later it was found out that there was a grave of a woman named in Eleanor Rigby at the Woolton Cemetery near St. Peter’s Church in Liverpool, a place where McCartney met John Lennon for the first time.

Ringo Starr and Not Richard Starkey

The real name of Ringo Starr is Richard Starkey. The band nicknamed him first as Rings because he had this habit of wearing chunky jewelry especially on his fingers. However, Richard modified his name and nickname from Richard and Rings to Ringo to make it sound a little cowboy-ish.

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