Fun Ideas For Socially Distant Celebrations

These creative and meaningful ideas can make any special occasion memorable while social distancing.

The year 2020 has transformed the way we celebrate major milestones, like birthdays and anniversaries. However, finding creative ways to make these occasions special can be done while maintaining social distancing guidelines, so everyone is safe and healthy. Here are a few fun and meaningful ideas to make socially distant celebrations positive and memorable.

  1. Make small romantic gestures

Celebrating a wedding anniversary? A romantic getaway or romantic candlelight dinner in a fancy restaurant may not be on the cards right now, but there are something small things you can do that can be extremely special. Making small romantic gesture like writing a touching note can be a beautiful way to express the significance of the day and take you and your partner down memory lane. You can also do something unexpected that will catch your partner off guard in a good way.

  1. Make a personalised video

There’s no better time like the present to create a heartfelt personalised video to celebrate a loved one’s birthday. While you can gather up friends and family for a virtual meet to wish the birthday boy or girl, a video that celebrates who they can have a major impact and make up for not being able to gather with everyone on the day. Best of all, these videos are easy to make, and you don’t need a lot of time to compile one. Choose unique photos, get video footage of a few people talking about the special person and use a simple app to put it all together. It’s also a fun project everyone can enjoy participating in and helps spread positive vibes.

  1. Car parade

Many people these days are having car parades, which has become a popular trend to celebrate birthdays. You can organise one for your children or grandparents. Make some colourful posters and choose a good time for your parade party. There will be a lot of excitement, and everyone will be at a safe distance from each other.

  1. Send gifts online

Receiving an unexpected gift is always a pleasant surprise anyone can enjoy. If you spent time making something personal for your loved one for their special occasion, have it posted. You could even order them a meal via delivery. This gesture will let them know you are thinking of them even though you cannot be with them.

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