Fun Tennis Drills You Can Do Without A Court

Brush up your tennis skills even when you are off the court.

A tennis player does not always have the luxury to be at the tennis court for practice sessions. Sometimes, you may be short of a partner or the urge to go down to the court. That does not mean that you cannot practice your tennis drills. There are a lot of fun tennis drills that you can do away from a court and even at your home. Practicing these drills would sharpen and improve your skills as a player. So, if you are considering skipping your tennis practice drills with the excuse of not having a court, think again. Here are a few tennis drills that you can try off the court.

Serve Pronation Drill

This drill is an excellent one for helping you build up your forearm muscles. Moreover, this drill will help improve your pronation as well. You only need a racket and a little room to be able to do this drill. Simply hold the racket in you hitting arm with your arm straight and out in front of you and your palm facing up. This position is called suppination. Now turn your hand upside down flipping the racket to the other side. This position is called pronation. Keep alternating between the two positions until you feel your arms have tired.

Bouncing Ball Racket Drill

Everyone and their mothers are familiar with this drill. It is one of the oldest drills in the book that you can do alone and without a court. At first, you need to hold your racket with your palm facing up. Bounce the tennis ball on the racket as many times as possible without stopping. Now, change the position of your hand with your palm facing down and bounce the tennis ball on the racket as many times as possible without stopping. Take it up a notch a alternate your hand’s position when the ball is in the air.

The Wall Drill

In case you do not have a partner or a tennis court, all you need is a wall for practice. This drill might sound a little like a game of squash. Practice different strokes including your serving by hitting the tennis ball against a wall. This will also improve your timing skills since you will be hitting the ball a little faster than what people are used to.

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