Published By: Satavisha

Fun Ways To Enjoy Diwali Far From Home: Things You Can Do To Have A Blast

Spending this Diwali away from home? Whether out of compulsion or choice, if you are dreading the idea of spending your Diwali all by yourself, we are here to make it more enjoyable for you.

If you work miles away from home, we are here to share some fun ideas to make your Diwali more exciting. If you relate to these not-so-merry emotions, keep reading to gather some ideas on how to enjoy the festival of lights in a distant land. Regardless of where you are, we will plunge headfirst to rescue you from boredom and FOMO. Keep reading to find out how you can have a Diwali blast far from home.

Video Call your family 

This idea is a bit cliché, but if you are missing your loved ones a lot, there is nothing better than connecting with them over a video call. Join your family virtually if you cannot be with them physically. Plan a video call session with your siblings, parents, and relatives to chat with them and have a good time.

Prepare a sweet dish at home 

Sure, why not? You live away from home, and miss how your mom prepared your favorite sweet dishes during Diwali. So, seek help from YouTube and note down the recipes of some easy-to-prepare sweets at home. Or simply, call your mother and ask for the recipe for her lip-smacking Gajar ka Halwa. It is mandatory to have something sweet on the auspicious occasion of Diwali. So, instead of opting for store-bought sweets, you can try preapring them at home.

Try Bollywood binge  

How about some Bollywood movies? Bollywood music has therapeutic qualities, and the movies are equally remedial; especially the ones featuring travel. Apart from being endlessly entertaining, Bollywood films serve people much like comfort food, and you will instantly feel right at home.

Let rangoli rescue you 

The brightly colored, intricate and elaborate patterns are not only fun to make, they even serve as stunning home decor. Making rangolis on Diwali is a tradition, and it also pleases the eyes of the spectators. If busy work life does not permit you to decorate your house with oil lamps and bright lights, then proceed to make a rangoli. Search online for some inspiring and creative ideas or come up with a design of your own. Capture photos of your rangoli and share them with your family and friends, and ask them what they think. If you are a newbie, opt for a smaller design and try to be creative.

Dress up in ethnic even if you are at home

Diwali always calls for some ethnic wear. It is essential to dress up in your best traditional fit, even if you have no plans of going out. Do it for yourself. The most awaited time of the year is here, and it is mandatory to feel the vibes in your finest ethnic wear.

There are many ways of celebrating Diwali. It is okay if you are far from your loved ones, you can always recreate your Diwali traditions and have a solo blast.