Funny facts about the popular sitcom, Schitt’s Creek

Schitt’s Creek has a classic fish-out-of-water plot that revolves around the Rose family, who has been cheated by their business manager. This fraud costs them their entire video store fortune due to which they are forced to move to a small town, Schitt’s Creek. Here are some funny and interesting facts about this sitcom.

Schitt’s Creek has some bits of a popular reality TV show

Would the Kardashians still be the Kardashians without their riches? This idea struck Daniel Levy, who played David and is also co-creator of the series. Even Annie Murphy, who played Alexis, confessed that she took inspiration from the Kardashians for her character and her quirks. The way she would talk, her mannerisms, the unique way in which she holds her hand all seemed to be inspired by the Kardashians TV show.

 The title ‘Schitt’s Creek’ was suggested by Eugene Levy

On ‘The Late Show with Stephen Colbert’, the name of the show was made to appear on screen every time it was spoken aloud. This was the effect of the funny name and the implied profanity it had. The father bought this town on his son’s 16th birthday as a joke, given the name of the town but had to eventually live there once their fortune was taken away by the government. The name was actually just a coincidence!

 The exact location of the town of Schitt’s Creek remains ambiguous

The Rose family was living in New York, and the show is a Canadian production. Therefore, the question arises about where the show is based in? The show team wanted to keep the focus on the town of Schitt’s Creek, and to do so, they did not associate it with any country, any province or any geographical location. They didn’t want the things to be tangible as it diffuses the focus from the town called Schitt’s Creek.

 To honour the show, the town’s baseball team where it was shot changed its name

Schitt’s Creek was filmed in the town of Goodwood in Ontario, Canada. Though the interiors of the show were shot in the studios, the exteriors, including the buildings, are actual structures of Goodwood made to look like Schitt’s Creek. Bob’s Garage, the Cafe, the apothecary, all are real stores. Even the motel at one point in time was a functional motel

The show swept 2020 Emmy’s by winning nine awards. So, have you watched this one yet?

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