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Funny relationship questions asked since the dawn of time

Relationships are very interesting, their norms and notions change over the periods of history, but still there are certain things that remain!

Here are a few relationship questions that have been asked since the dawn of time. Should we name our kids after your parents or mine?

What is this deal about family planning, people! You have not yet gone through even one threshold of the topsy-turvy trip of a relationship and already you are all about naming kids, that too bringing your ancestors and their names? Why do you want to name your kids after dead people anyway? Like focus on the relationship part! Please.

Who is that on your phone?

Well, well, this rings all kinds of bells, does it not? Is your partner into asking such questions about matters between you and your phone! Ahem, looks like a red flag! Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

What do you want to eat?

This is a question as old as time itself. No matter who asks whom, none has the answer. I guess relationships really kill hunger, none seem to know what meal they feel like having!

Are you leaving me?

This is never good never ever. It’s better to even start with what we need to talk about. The amount of thunder these four little words pack is unimaginable. But the fun fact is everyone in a relationship at one point asks this or gets asked. And then comes the inevitable.

How much do you love me?

Well, if only love could be weighed! But couples seem to forget that and they make it a point to ask this on a regular basis. Their demand is to quantify love. I wonder, with all these new technologies how have they not come up yet with a device to quantify love? Well! Thank God for that!

Will you marry me?

Humph, so it’s not always the case that everyone in every relationship always gets to answer this, for obvious reasons. But this question seems to haunt every individual upon this planet who ever got involved into a relationship!

Where were you?

When you see this question even being approached from a mile ahead, you know what to do, duck, duck, duck! Have you missed their calls? Were you unreachable, were your partner looking for you, did you not inform them! And bang, here it comes. You better not be doing something you shouldn’t have been doing!

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