Generation Y: Some fascinating facts about the Millennials

They love mobile phones, selfies but can go on a digital detox in a jiffy.

Millennials or Generation Y, are a curious generation. So, who are millennials? There are different opinions of experts about that; some say that millennials are born between 1981 to 1996, but the Pew research centre strongly assert that millennials are born between 1977 to 1992. This generation is branded as self-obsessed and lazy, but at the same time, this generation has shown tremendous responsibility towards world peace, global warming and preserving flora and fauna. Here are some of the fascinating facts about generation Y.

The 7s of millennials

Authors William Strauss and Neil Howen, in their book “Millennials rising: The next great generation”, has stated the seven general traits of millennials. The millennials are conventional, team-oriented, achievers, pressured, confident, sheltered and special.

They are family-oriented.

No matter what you say about them, Millennials puts family very up on their priority list. According to a study, more than half of millennials feel it is very important to be near your friends and family in comparison to the previous generation.

They love to read

This may surprise many, but Millennials love to read. They are known to visit public libraries more often than their predecessors. In 2016, a study showed that millennials read five books per year on average.

They are better educated.

Millennials are better educated than their previous generations. Studies show that about 40% of millennials have a bachelor’s degree and even higher.

They love technology and their smartphones.

Since the internet revolution boomed in front of millennials, they are in love with tablets, the internet and their smartphones. About 25% of the millennials look scroll through their phones as much as 100 times a day.

They also likely to go on a digital detox

Even though they are always thought to be hooked to their smartphones, but millennials can also be the first to go on a digital detox and travel and meet people instead.

They are very charitable.

It would surprise you that the so-called self-centred generation is said to be the most charitable. Reports suggest that almost 80% of millennials make monetary donations annually, and almost 70% give their time as well.

So, are you understanding millennials a bit more? And all youmillennials, what other difference you see in your generation than your previous ones?

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