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Genius Strategies To Deal With Egoistic People At Work

Egoistic people at work can make teamworks difficult and sometimes even impossible.

Ego breeds workplace contempt and conjures up other issues. From failed negotiations to poor communication to ineffective decision making—ego can pave a lethal path, leading to destruction. The overbearing and obnoxious behavior of an egoistic coworker can hinder creativity, undermine efficient problem solving, induce stress, and negatively impact the morale of the other staff. If you want to tackle an egoistic employee or colleague at work—check out these genius strategies that can help you communicate and cooperate with them.

Be compassionate

Working with an egoist colleague can be exhausting. Toning down their ego is not your responsibility, but practicing compassion by allowing them space and not being judgemental, can help them feel better. In addition, practicing kindness can also help protect your energy, enabling you to coexist and cooperate with them more effortlessly.

Don’t lose your calm when they test your patience.

It may seem tempting to engage in an argument with an egoist coworker. But chances are, you will never emerge victorious in that battle—and in the process, you might end up looking bad. If the person with the BIG ego insists on being right at all times, let them voice their opinions. In fact, allow them to exhaust their energy, and once they run out of steam, assert your points confidently and in a dignified manner to reassert your point.

Call them by their names.

This subtle tactic works like magic! When you address someone by their names, you are strategically seeking control and demanding their undivided attention. When speaking to an egotist colleague, use their first name as frequently as you can, to regain control.

Identify their strengths

Every individual is gifted with some strengths, and even the people with the most lethal egos are not left out. There is a high possibility that a person’s ego flares wreak havoc only when they feel people are not recognizing their strengths or utilizing them. As a colleague or leader, you could benefit from the situation by identifying their strengths, and capitalizing them. It will not only help you calm their ego flares, but your team can also learn something useful.

State your needs

Egotistic individuals often act like bullies, but if you allow them to take control of you—working with them might get more difficult. Create boundaries and clearly define to them what things are acceptable and what are not. Maintain your rules and make sure they are following them too. Do not allow an egocentric individual to dominate or manipulate you.

Don’t allow ego clashes to adversely impact your productivity at work. Be smart and handle egoistic people tactfully.


Satavisha hails from the city of joy, Kolkata. She took up writing as my profession amid the pandemic when the world was at a standstill. Here, she acquired a balance between her passion for writing and sharing various ideas and facts through her stories.
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