Genius tips for creating a timeless interior.

A timeless decoration is about creating a look in your home that endures the test of time and does not seem tied to a trend of a decade. Many people prefer timeless interiors over trendy, here are some tips for creating a timeless interior for your place.

Neutral colours for walls and furniture

Colours such as white, black, or navy are considered timeless as they complement any style or colour palette. A neutral wall allows you to select other coloured items without repainting the walls. Similarly, a neutral-coloured sofa permits you to complement it with a colourful pillow or rug. If you like a classic look for your room and want to be most flexible, choose a neutral shade.

Go minimalist

A timeless space is always clutter-free and clean. There is a constant urge to decorate more, and fill your room with more items, but, clutter has always been a bad look irrespective of time or trend. You have to resist the urge to fill up every blank space in the room and keep your decor simplified. For a great design, you need to balance visual interest and openness in a room.

A fine balance of old and new

Choose the vintage pieces you love and pair them with your room’s modern vibes to achieve a timeless look. Antiques become timeless when they are blended with modern-day settings which helps you achieve a look that spans multiple decades. This fine balance of old and new also raises the interest in the room making it interesting yet sophisticated.

Blend in natural materials

Natural materials such as wood, plants, stone, and baskets have been used in home décor for decades and they are there to stay forever. This inspiration of adding natural elements is key to creating a warm and comprehensive indoor space. All you need to keep in consideration is that the right balance is everything and you don’t want to go overboard with one natural material!

Built-ins never go old

With a built-in bookcase around the fireplace, a window seat, and a library shelf in the workspace, one can’t go wrong with a built-in while trying to achieve a timeless look. Along with providing a cozy and substantiated feel to a room, these built-ins are extremely functional and provide useful storage space as well.

Lastly, for a more evolving and flexible décor, you can center a wall, or introduce a pillow in a trendy pattern to catch up on the latest trend yet, keeping the overall theme timeless.

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