Get Gorgeous Hair: Tips To Buy The Perfect Hair Extensions For You

Hair extensions are a great way of adding volume, length and style to your hair!

How often are you bored of your hair? Repeating the same hairstyles over and over again might be monotonous and the solution to escaping this monotony are hair extensions. Moreover, if you have hair issues like hair thinning or that you hair doesn’t grow long enough, hair extensions are again your solution. However, even with hair extensions, you would want your hair to look natural. Here are a few tips on how to buy the perfect hair extensions for you.

Your Hair Extensions Should Be In Proportion To The Weight And Length Of Your Hair

The type of your natural hair plays a great role in selecting the type of hair extensions you should be getting. Consider the length as well as the weight of your natural hair before you buy hair extensions. For example, if you have fine and short hair, you hair extensions should be less dense and light weight. On the other hand, if you have thick or long hair, the hair extensions you choose should have a little bit of density and heaviness to it. Following this rule would make your hair extension blend in well with your natural hair giving you the perfect and luscious hair.

Always Go For Extensions Made With Human Hair

You can definitely opt for synthetic hair extensions, but going for human hair extensions would give your hair the natural look. However, hair extensions made out of human hair can be expensive. That being said, going for synthetic hair extensions does not give the best natural look and seems a little off putting. Moreover, synthetic hair extensions are always on the risk of getting burnt or even getting melt when exposed to a great amount of heat. Heat styling, therefore, becomes risky with synthetic hair extensions. Definitely go for human hair extensions if the price point is not a problem for you.

Try To Get A Close Match With Your Hair Colour

Now, unless you want to give your hair the highlighted colour look, get hair extensions that come the closes to your hair colour if not an exact match. If the colour of your hair extensions is not a good match with your natural hair colour, your hair would look inconsistent defying the purpose of the hair extensions blending in well with your natural hair.

Urbee Sarkar

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