Get that glassy shiny skin

Just follow this simple seven-step procedure and see your skin illuminate from within

There is no dearth of beauty and skincare regime that one could follow. But it is the Korean beauty’s ‘glass skin’ routine that many are swearing by. Let us warn you, it is a seven-step lengthy process to be followed with utmost diligence and sincerity in order to gain that glass-like shine on your cheek bones.

Mind the skin type
According to experts, before practicing any skincare one has to first identify their skin type. In case of acne friendly skin, cure the acne first and then approach this seven-step procedure.

Day time procedure
Begin with cleansing using a face wash, any or the one you use on a daily basis. Then dab a toner, wait for a few minutes so that the skin absorbs it completely. Dab the toner all over your face, once again. Follow it up with a sheet mask, a must for this facial.

Once done with the sheet mask, apply a face serum. The aim behind using a serum is that it boosts the process and goes deep inside the skin repairing the dull skin and wrinkles.  Lastly, finish the process by applying a good amount of moisturizer.

End your day with
Double-cleansing, i.e. start with a face massaging oil and then cleansing milk to remove the excess oil. Give it a rest and then scrub, but gently. Once done, use the toner a minimum of seven times allowing the skin to absorb it. Again, follow up with a sheet mask, serum, and night cream.

Never over-exfoliate as it can lead to dryness, always scrub mildly. The idea is to tighten the skin, so avoid over messaging as it can cause sagging skin. Also, it is important to retain the natural oil of the skin as it is fundamental in getting the shine.

In-house products
For serum, one can mix aloe vera and glycerin, whereas for exfoliation a combination of sugar and coffee does wonders. In case of dry skin use ghee, olive, or coconut oil to make up for a moisturizer. Replace the face sheet with a mixture of gram flour, curd, turmeric, and rose water. You can also opt for a jade roller for massaging, in an upward direction starting from chin to the eye.

Most of the products usually have some alcohol content, leading to dry skin, so use fruit-based products. By following these seven steps religiously, apart from seeing changes in the skin complexion, you’ll notice that your dark spots have disappeared. Follow this two times a week – morning and evening – for positive results.

While following these seven steps will yield positive results, it is equally essential to consume a nourishing diet and drinking plenty of water for the skin to produce natural oils.

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