Getting started with digital painting: Things you will need

From crayons artists have already made history, but the digital space is yet up for grabs!

Digital painting is one such creative field which many traditional artists have refrained from. This is mainly because they do not believe that techniques like tracing or layering using a background image can be accounted for as real art. This has been debated over again and again but no matter what the digital art space has picked up enthusiasts over time. These dedicated enthusiasts have created some amazing pieces over the last few years and contributed to even comics. So, if you want to start out as a digital painter, here’s what you need.

Inexpensive but workable  graphic tablets

These are the most basic tablets. These tablets do not have the fancy buttons on the side and need to be hooked to a laptop mostly through an usb port. This type of tablet comes with a stylus and a touchpad. You do not need to charge these. They are very cheap and a great option if you are an amateur artist in general. They do not have a screen, so there is no way you can damage the screen itself. But the cons of this type of gadget are that you will need a computer and you cannot move your eyes from the computer while drawing. This does require a lot of time to get used to, especially if you are a beginner.

Not too expensive digital tablets

Display tablets come at a higher price in comparison to touchpads or graphic tablets. But they do come with a beautiful screen. If you are an amateur and mostly used to painting on paper, this will help you get more fluid and dynamic strokes than the graphic tablet. They have a built-in monitor and you can directly draw on this monitor to create your painting. This gives the process a more natural vibe than the others. But the problem is it can develop dead pixels overtime. You would still need to hook this to a computer.

Expensive choices of all-in-one tablets

These are not just tablets but computers too. You would need to hook it to a computer and they have very high resolution, offer a great natural feel when you draw on the monitor. But these are pretty expensive and come with limited options for software. But these are better choices if you can afford to spend as a beginner otherwise the first two options are always available.

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