Published By: Elisa Ghosh

Getting your first salary? Here's a list of things you can do with it

Remember the excitement you had the first time you received your salary? Hard work paid off, right? 

Receiving your very first paycheck is an exciting milestone that signifies the shift from student life to the world of earning and financial independence. It's a moment to applaud your hard work, establish wise financial habits, and share your happiness with loved ones. But as we have already been through the phase, we know how tough it gets to decide what to do with the first salary in hand. Should we save all of it, or spend shopping? Well, for the ones who have just stepped into the world of earning, thank us later for giving you a list of grati­fying activ­ities you can undertake with your first salary.

Treat Yourself (Just don’t empty it all)

Start by treating yourself to a small pleasure that brings you happi­ness. It could be indulging in a nice meal, purch­asing a piece of jewelry you've been eyeing, or having a mini shopping spree. Recog­nizing and celebrating your accompl­ishments is vital.

Pay off Student Loans or Debts

If you have student loans or any other debts, it would be benef­icial to dedicate a portion of your salary to pay them off. By reducing your debt burden, you'll alleviate financial stress and establish a more solid financial footing.

Invest in Your Future

One option to consider is opening a savings or inves­tment account. It may be beneficial to seek advice from a financial advisor who can help explore different options such as mutual funds, stocks, or retir­ement plans. Taking this step early on can poten­tially result in signi­ficant long-term gains.

Learn Something New

Investing in your personal growth by enrolling in courses or workshops that enhance your skills or interests can greatly benefit you. Conti­nuous learning not only expands your knowledge but also opens up new doors for career opportu­nities.

Save for a Big Purchase

If you have your eye on a significant purchase, such as a car, home, or dream vacation, start setting aside a portion of your salary towards that goal.

Contribute to Retirement

Planning for retir­ement should start early. One important step is to contr­ibute to a retir­ement savings plan, espec­ially if your employer offers a matching program.

Travel and Explore

Consider setting aside a portion of your salary specif­ically for travel. The act of exploring new destin­ations can bring enric­hment to your life and offer valuable exper­iences that contr­ibute to personal growth.

Gift Your Parents and Loved Ones

Show your parents and loved ones how much you appre­ciate them by giving them a meani­ngful gift that reflects your gratitude for their support and love. It could be a heartfelt gesture, a memorable experience, or a thoug­htful item that celeb­rates their joy and success along with yours.

Receiving your first salary is not just about the monetary value. It marks the beginning of your financial journey, allowing you to save, invest, learn, give back, or even gift to others. So, celebrate your achiev­ements, set meani­ngful goals, and embrace this exciting phase with enthu­siasm, grati­tude, and financial wisdom!