Published By: Sougata Dutta

Gion Matsuri Festival- Its A Season Of Festivity

Color, madness, and tradition- make people fly!

The festival of Gion Matsuri is coming closer in Japan as July is coming in the neighborhood. If you check the history of every single tradition, you may find some fascinating facts with mass belief, although in this case, the background isn't a merry-go-round. More than religion, some specific figures of mythology were more capable to solve this problem through purification. A festival of a specific district named Gion is the main model in this whole cumbersome phenomenon.

History: Some Beliefs and Some Cures

Yasaka Shrine is the main party organizer, and it started in the year 896, to please God and get their help in fighting any epidemic. Back in that year, people thought the only way to fight some serious and fierce natural disaster is to please God so that he shall be able to save them from any kind of disaster and also some plague kind of situations. Using some specifically designed instruments and showcasing pieces of stuff are the main attraction here. Apart from this, a child is chosen as God's messenger who is treated like a God himself throughout the festivity and he is chosen unanimously.

Yamaboko: A float

Yama and Boko are two different types of floats found on this occasion as a special attraction. Here Hoko is the halberd which refers to the sixty-six districts and the Yamas are the figurative portrayal of the Buddhist deities and different important figures from the past. These special creations are carried in the back of pulleys throughout. But on the 17th of July the possession is heavy with all these artifacts whereas, on the 24th of July, we get to see the rest in a small gathering manner. Although the possession is never small.

Events: It's An Evening Festival

In the evening mainly the Procession Starts move, but it is not only a mere festival of floats, they offer food and drinks in stalls and mainly glitters and colors.

The Decoration: Authentic View

Japan is famous for its lanterns and without any hesitation, they use these beautiful articles throughout the city of Kyoto. The warm dazzling colors are capable of melting your heart away-and persuading you to visit every year. They can make you happy, calm, and  tasteful of art.

Conclusion: A Great Trip Plan

This festival holds so many secrets and charms, so it will be wise to visit this for once, a short trip of 4 to 5 days is enough for cheering you up.