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Go Camping: Summer Camp Ideas That Your Kids Would Love

Get your kids excited about being one with the nature with these fun summer camping ideas!

Summer is officially the season that kids love the best. They love playing out in the sun and of course there is summer camping! However, what makes summer camping so fun are the activities that children get to participate in. Here are some great summer camp ideas that we guarantee your kids would love!

An Outdoor Painting Contest

We know kids love the outdoors and we know they love painting! Therefore, it is a no brainer that an outdoor painting contest at the summer camp would be one of the best activities that the kids would love to take part in. Get them the art supplies and ask them to use their imagination to create something beautiful on the paper using colours. You can also ask them to use the nature as their inspiration. A painting contest amidst the nature will be loved by kids from all age groups in the summer camp. Moreover, it is a great way to nurture their creativity.

A Mini Olympics For The Kids

Prepare the kids at the summer camp for being the future athletic leaders. Outdoor camping is a great way of encouraging kids to get into sports. It keeps them and active during the summer camp. You can organise a mini Olympics tournament for the kids by keeping various sports activities that they can take part in. Our suggestion would be to start with a relay race. Follow it up with fun games like jumping sacks, sprint races, basketball, and badminton. However, remember to choose your games and sports activities according to the age group of the kids.

Bicycle Rides In The Nature

We have all heard of nature walks at summer camps. You can try something different and let the kids take part in bicycle rides around the nature. Escort them around the nature of the location where your summer camp is set while each one rides a bicycle. You can also include some healthy bicycle games while you are at it.

Crafts Made Out Of Natural Objects

Kids love doing art and crafts. Organise a crafts day at the summer camp where the kids use objects like flowers and leaves or anything they find around them in the nature and craft them into whatever they want. You’ll be surprised at some of their discoveries!

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