Go Electric or Stick to CNG, how would you travel miles?

With an array of choices and rapid growth in demand for buying cars, the debate for CNG Vs Electronic vehicles is one of the most talked-about topics these days. While choosing which car to buy for yourself is a personal choice depending upon your choice of design, colour, price etc, it is very important to think differently and more efficiently.

Confused? Let’s break the ice and help you make an informed decision.

Here’s a comparison between electric cars vs. CNG cars:

  1. Clean Mobility and Emission:

When India introduced CNG cars, it ensured lesser emission levels as compared to that of a diesel or petrol vehicle. It stood by what was promised. CNG vehicles are very much appreciated and adapted by many as an environmentally friendly option. While CNG vehicles have certainly brought down harmful emission levels, Electronic cars are stealing the show with their zero-emission goals and significantly motivating a push towards cleaner mobility.  Almost every car making company is working towards bringing in the best electronic vehicles to encourage clean mobility. India aims towards taking smaller steps towards electronic vehicles and plans to become an all-electric –vehicle nation in future.

  1. A hassle-free and safe  ride:

Changing gears, managing clutch and accelerators constantly in heavy traffic gets exhausting, especially on Indian roads. Thinking already? Yes, you are! As you switch to electric vehicles with no clutches, gears and noisy engines, you would enjoy a noise-free and smooth ride. When it comes to safety, electronic cars ensure utmost safety whereas there is a risk of leakage and catching fire at times in CNG vehicles.

  1. Range and endurance:

While we know electronic vehicles certainly have a bright future, it has its limitations when it comes to travelling long distance for now. CNG cars can easily cover the longer distance as compared to electronic cars which currently can only cover short distances within the city.

  1. Cost-effectiveness and availability:

CNG wins the battle over electronic vehicles when it comes to the buying cost. CNG vehicles are less expensive as compared to electronic vehicles and are easily available.

  1. Refill or charge?

Though Electronic vehicles give us a smooth and hassle-free ride experience, it might take up a few hours to charge whereas we can instantly refill a CNG vehicle which is easier and time-saving. Unlike electronic vehicles, CNG vehicles have an option to switch to petrol in case it runs out of CNG levels.

Looking at the current economic, environmental and traffic concerns, making the right automotive choice can certainly help you contribute to better climatic conditions. Despite clear comparisons above, choosing between electronic vehicles and CNG vehicles is still very complex. The choice depends on a lot of factors like vehicle size, driving patterns, existing climatic and weather conditions where the vehicle is being used. There is no single estimate that can rule out the other or applies to both. Where electric vehicles are the future, it is still not adopted by the masses as compared to CNG vehicles. What’s more important is to understand the usage of the vehicle. We all must adopt smart transportation options looking at its efficiency, safety and usage.

Let’s step up and build clean and smart mobility by making the right choice to travel miles happily with reduced pollution and a better climate. Shall we?

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