Go out and explore: Things you must pack before going to a picnic.

Enjoy your day out in the sun with these must-haves for a picnic.

The thought of picnics, spending time with your family or loved ones is enough to make your heart flutter. The warm sunshine, pearls of laughter, eating the best food, and yes, lots and lots of conversation, everything about a picnic is inviting. Do you know what spoils the fun of a picnic? It’s realizing that you forgot this or that, and now you are so far away from home or sometimes even shops that you cannot get that thing. So, here is a checklist of essentials, so you could have relaxing and a fun day at the picnic.

Picnic Blanket.

If you are going to a picnic where there might not be picnic benches, it is wise to pack picnic blankets or sheets. It does not have to be picnic sheets; an old cloth sheet or even an old blanket would do the trick.


The most important and often neglected thing we should pack is sunscreen. While you are outside soaking up all the sun, you must also take care of your skin as well. Nobody wants sunburns, do we?

Beverages and bottle opener.

While it sure is always better to carry soft drinks in water coolers but we believeindividual bottles as it saves the need to carry cups. So, one less thing to pack. And please don’t forget those bottle openers.

Bug spray and lotions.

Outdoors is often the ground for rendezvous with bugs, flies and mosquitoes. So, if you don’t want to be red with insect bites and mosquitoes bites, it is better to carry bug spray or repellant lotion.


Whether you are going for a picnic near the sea, woods or even a park, always carry a first-aid kit. You must carry bandages, some antiseptic cream, aspirin.

Ice packs.

If you are carrying food that can spoil in the heat or you want to have your beverages chilled, throw in some frozen ice packs in your picnic basket.

Always carry extra cutlery and plates.

You never know how many plates or pieces of cutlery you would need while serving and eating food. Many times, we just crave for second helping for the left-overs after playing and getting tired in the sun, so extra plates and cutlery would come in handy.

Lastly, don’t forget to have a great day filled with laughter and good memories.

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