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Goal-specific Feng Shui rituals and how they invite prosperity and abundance in life

We have you covered with these easy and effective rituals that can help boost your luck, increase your income, or improve your home life.

One of the most important rituals that people can perform during the new year is resetting their lives. This can be done by getting rid of old clothes and furniture, or by taking a break from the daily routine to reflect on the year ahead. If you have a specific goal in mind, we suggest using practices such as feng shui.

Ritual for Prosperity- White Quartz and Cinnamon

One of the most effective ways to remove bad energy from the home is by using white quartz. It can also help balance the energy in the space. According to Feng Shui, cinnamon incense can help boost the prosperity and security of the home. The ritual begins with a meditation on your material goals. Then, while holding white quartz, walk through your home and burn cinnamon incense. Doing so will help you attract good luck, love, and money.

Ritual to Attract Fortune

Hongbo is a Chinese New Year ritual that involves placing money in red envelopes. This practice can help bring abundance into one’s life and those of those close to him or her.  This is best done with new notes that don’t have any signs of wear.

Rituals to Cleanse Energy of Home

The new year is a great time to get rid of the bad energy in your home. Performing rituals that are focused on cleaning the home can help keep it in balance and improve the quality of life in it. Place a small amount of salt in every room of your house. Then, three white candles are placed on a plate and lit for around two hours.

Ritual to Attract Good Luck- Laurel and Sugar

Feng shui teachings state that if a person’s life is not going well, it could be because there is either a negative or blockage of energy in their home or life. In this ritual, you will place eight leaves of Laurel and a small amount of sugar in a bowl. After lighting the charcoal, slowly walk around the house, carrying the bowl.

Rituals to Eliminate Bad Energy from Your House

At least once a month, cleaning is necessary to free ourselves from the negative vibrations in our home. One of the best ways to do this is by performing a new year’s ritual that involves meditation and the sounds of Tibetan prayer bowls. Then, you can apply an infusion of water and various plants such as chamomile, pink roses, orange leaves, and salt to all surfaces of your home.

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