Going paperless is it worth it!

Green energy, minimalism have debated ongoing paperless again and again, but is it worth it!

The world has taken a different turn and has been very outspoken on global warming as a whole. But collectively very few steps have been taken to prevent a bad outcome for the motherly nature that is Earth. Going paperless is one such process which has been a part of the green movements all over the world. With the new swirling trend of minimalism the perks of going paperless has been counted multiple times. But even then some believe they just can’t do with the new technology for writing and reading purposes. So, how can we go paperless when there is an absolute need for writing things down? Let’s find out if it is worth it or not.

The big no to tech upgrades

Yes, most of us have adapted to updated versions of smartphones, tablets and what-not but the process has not been a nice journey for all. Yes, there are people who feel more comfortable with a book in their hand instead of a tab, and then there are those who benefit from studying only when they write things down and take notes on paper.

The alternative

There have been many articles doing the round why you should go paperless, but let’s find an alternative for those who have a hard time with this. If writing down is an absolute need of yours, get a white board and marker. Try learning and writing things down on that. Once you are done, take a sheet and jot down the important stuff. This way you skipped the need to use rough pages but yet didn’t quit paper all the way.

Using recycled paper

You can only fully understand the benefits of going paperless when you start resonating with the idea of saving the planet. But going completely paperless may not be your thing at first; hence you need to take some baby steps to actually embrace this way of living. Recycled paper can help you relate to this. Once you start using recycled paper you will start getting new ideas of reducing your carbon footprint.

Invest in better technologies

Yes, good gadgets which enhance your experience as a writer come at a higher price markup. This means that, the inexpensive gadgets you may be using is not giving you the ultimate experience to switch to paperless ways of writing or reading. So, yes it is worth it, give it a try and you’ll get the hang of it.

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