Golden facts about Sunflowers.

Have you ever witnessed a sunflower field? They are the most mood-boosting flower, which has multiple uses from edible oil to healthy snacks and a lot more. Let us know some garden facts about these Helianthus Annuus.

Sunflowers were native to America.

Sunflower cultivation started way back in 3000 BCE in North America and was used in medicine, dye, oil and food. It was around 1500 BCE that the plant was exported to the rest of the world by Spanish conquistadors. Tsar Peter, the Great of Russia, was so much fascinated by this sunny flower that he took some from the Netherlands to Russia. It became so popular that by the 19th century, Russia was planting two million acres of sunflowers annually.

Ukraine and Russia have fascinating sunflower fields in the world.

Out of 70 species of Helianthus, the Latin name for sunflower, three are native to South America and the rest to North and Central America. But currently, Ukraine and Russia are the largest producers of sunflower seeds as they produce 15 and 13 million tonnes of sunflower seeds annually. These vast sunflower fields are a delight to the eyes and are cherished by tourists all over the world.

Yellow is not the only colour of sunflowers.

Most of us associate sunflower with thecolour yellow, but you will be astonished to know that this lovely flower comes in red, known as Red Sun, pink known as Strawberry Blonde and white as Italian White. Isn’t it fascinating!

Sunflowers actually follow the Sun.

It’s called heliotropism, which means sunflower turns to face the Sun. It’s adorable to know that sunflowers track the Sun throughout the day and moves slowly accordingly. Moreover, the world’s tallest sunflower reached the height of 30 feet! Quite a flower

Sunflower has healing properties.

The Americans used the sunflower for varied healing processes like soothing chest pain, treating kidney ailments, pulmonary troubles. The sunflower seeds are a powerhouse as they have a high concentration of vitamin A, C and B3. No wonder it’s a super plant.

It can heal theearth too.

Sunflowers have an astonishing ability to absorb and neutralize toxic metals and various radiations. Historically, scientists planted millions of sunflowers around the sites of the Chernobyl and Fukushima nuclear disasters. Sunflowers are hyperaccumulators which makes them absorb contamination much better than any other plant.

You are wiser now about sunflower whose head comprises of thousands tiny flowers. The disk florets in the middle actually produce seeds and make the sunflower the most lovable and bright flower.

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