Good Hair Tips: How To Take Care Of Your Hair If You Are Dealing With Hard Water

Hard water is hard on your hair and here’s what you can do about it!

Hard water may not be exactly bad for your health, but they can be extremely rough on your hair. Exposing your hair to hard water for a long period of time could result in thinning of hair, hair damage and rough and frizzy hair. The minerals in hard water leave a residue in the hair after reacting with the shampoos and other hair products. This could lead to hair breakage as well. Here are a few tips on how to take care of your hair if you are dealing with hard water!

Install A Filter On Your Shower Head

You can use house water softeners but they don’t come cheap. An easier and more reasonable alternative to using house water softeners is installing shower head filters. You can find these things at any home improvement store. Simply attach the filter to your shower head and you will be good to go. These shower head filters trap the calcium and magnesium particles in the hard water preventing any residue build up in your hair. It may not be the most effective against hard water, but at least it would protect your hair.

Use Clarifying Shampoo To Get Rid Of The Scalp Build Up

Clarifying shampoos are another way of treating your hair if it is already exposed to hard water. Using a clarifying shampoo once a week would get rid of the residue built up on you scalp because of the hard water. It would deeply cleanse your scalp and keep it healthy. Skipping this part may cause in hair volume loss and even breakage of hair.

Use Acidic Rinses To Wash Your Hair And Reduce The Mineral Build Up

An acidic rinse is a DIY solution you can try at home if you are struggling with hard water. For an acidic rinse, you have got to use lemon juice or vinegar and mix it with some purified bottled water. Apply the solution to your wet hair and leave it on for five to six minutes. You can follow this step by rinsing your hair with normal water.

Use Hair Masks And Leave In Conditioners

Hard water makes the hair rough, and dry. To battle these effects of hard water try deep conditioning your hair using moisturizing hair masks and leave in conditioners once a week.

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