Gossip Girl: The Most Legendary Moments Of Blair Waldorf

All hail for Queen B of the Upper East Side!

You can hate her or you can love her, but you will never get past her! Blair Waldorf is hands down the most iconic character from Gossip Girl. She is ruthless, savage and she has got certain flair around her ways. Of course, you may not agree with her tricks, but you know she will get it done. If there’s something that Blair wants, she gets around to getting it. A mean girl to her full potential, Blair Waldorf is the sass that Gossip Girls hypes about. Here are some of the most legendary moments of Blair Waldorf on Gossip Girl!

When Blair Sent Georgina To Boot Camp

Talk about being savage! For those who have watched Gossip Girl, we all have collectively hated Georgina for the wreck she caused. However, there can only be one queen on the Upper East Side and that crown belongs to Blair Waldorf. She concocted the most evil plan and sent off Georgina to a boot camp with the help of her friends.

When Blair Stood Up For Serena At All Times

Sure Serena and Blair had their ups and downs but she always pounced on anybody who tried to sabotage her best friend. Of course, Blair herself sabotaged Serena herself on multiple occasions but she would never let anyone else hurt her. If you come after Blair’s bestie, you would never know what hit you!

When Blair Became The Fashion Police

Blair has her own style and that style is everyone else’s style! Blair’s sense of fashion is impeccable and every time someone would break the fashion code, she had a snarky comment ready to go. Blair single-handedly establishing fashion statements at school is everyone’s favourite moment from Gossip Girl and you would know better than to ignore her fashion advice!

When Blair Took Charge Of Her Life

From the very beginning of her life, Blair had everything handed to her in a silver spoon. She was privileged to say the least. However, her power did not come from her money but from her intelligence. When she got rejected from her dream school, she did not let it stop her. Instead, she still went on to be and grow as the powerful woman that she is. Although, she made some questionable choices along the way, she turns her life around and projects growth.

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