Published By: Shreya Ghai

Grammar pro - 5 tips to improve your grammar

Is your grammar strong? Let's take a look at these tips to improve your grammar skills.

Grammar is a fun game if you are well versed with it but then there are those who struggle with tenses, clauses and sentences. There is always some space to learn even if you are a grammar pro, you would still want to keep improving. Having a good hold on grammar and vocabulary is very important for interactions and effective communication. If you are looking to improve your grammar, here are 5 tips to do so.


Read, read and read. Reading tops the list of skills you need to push yourself to do in order to improve your grammar skills. When you get into a habit of reading, you retain correct grammar in your mind. Try reading out loud to solidify the base of your grammar that you have learnt. Reading also helps you increase your vocabulary as you come across so many new words and ways to use it.

Brush up the basics

Whenever you find time, try to go through the basics. Tenses, clauses, phrasing words. Try to read about common grammatical errors made by people and try and work upon what you think you are weak at.

Utilise a grammar app

Make the best use of your smartphone. Lookup for most used grammar apps, like dictionaries or grammar apps. You can always go through it in your free time in order to brush up on your skills. These apps are also helpful when you are writing.

Learn new words everyday

Try to maintain a  notebook for jotting down new words. Inculcate the habit of learning five new words every day. When you write down these words, you will remember them. Try to use them in sentences you think you can. Set your target and learn them every day without fail. This will make your vocabulary stronger.

Understand the grammar rules

Good grammar comes with logic. Note down the grammar rules and try to know why a particular word is used with a particular tense. Once you get the logic behind it you will never make those mistakes.


Practice makes a man perfect. There are many resources available online and offline to constantly work on your grammatical errors.

With these simple tips, you can keep working towards your grammatical skills in order to be well versed in it both verbal and written. Keep your grammar game strong.