Greatest fictional siblings from TV history

From sibling rivalry to sibling love, here are some of the best fictional siblings from the history of television.

People with siblings can attest to the fact that no matter how your relationship is with your sibling, you do have an interesting dynamic. Not everyone canunderstand the bond a sibling duo shares. Sure, the fights can be incessant but there’s love like no other. There’s rivalry but you also have each other’s back. From discussing your parents’ pet peeves to sneaking behind them, your sibling is your partner in crime. Sure, there are some siblings who are tattletale but worst comes to worst, if you have no one to keep your secret, you know your secret is safe with them.

In the history of TV, there are many fictional siblings that are memorable. The Brady Brunch to Charmed, here are some of the siblings we all know and love.

Monica and Ross: Ross is clearly the golden child of the Geller family and Monica is not happy about it. The siblings, though have a compliated relationship with their parents, but they grow up to become friends with the same friends group.

Mitchell and Claire: Claire and Mitchell could not be more different while growing up. Claire was popular, Mitchell was not. Mother Pritchett favoured Mitchell, Claire was jealous. But growing up, they moved past their childhood issues to talk more openly with one another. They even became godparents to Lily.

Jon Snow and Arya Stark: Among all the Starks, Arya and Jon’s relationship is special. Not like Jaime and Cersei special, no. Even though Jon was not a particularly favourite of Catelyn, Arya liked Jon the most. As parting gift, he even gave Arya the sword that became a part of her identity later in life. Even though they don’t meet for most of the seasons, their bond remains strong.

David and Alexis:Snarky as they both are, David and Alexis’ relationship as siblings only became stronger after they moved to Schitt’s Creek. Even behind the snarky remarks and eye rolls, there’s honesty and love that was never present before.

Dean and Sam:I mean, these Winchester brothers have been to hell and back with (and for) each other. Quite literally.

Damon and Stefan:The Winchester brothers have at each other’s throats ever since they turned. Their personalities are polar opposite, so is their temperament. Only thing they share is the love for Elena. But over the course of the seasons, even when the brothers swapped their personalities, their care for each other only increased.

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